Space Data as a Service - Data-enabling Revolution

25. November, 16:0017:00 CET
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Dear Space Enthusiasts, 

After talking about Big Data and Earth observation in June, this new edition of our Get Inspired event comes with an article series in which we turn our focus to an emerging side of the space industry: Space Data as a Service business model. We will evaluate how it could impact and eventually transform the whole sector: from speed and scalability to finding a market for your products and addressing your customers challenges, the future looks not only promising, but also quite different and accessible to more players. 

These and many other topics we will be addressing together with you on the 25th of November 2021, and we will have a very special guest for you! 


  • Sebastian Hidalgo, our Research Coordinator, will kick off the event with a market overview focused on Artificial Intelligence – the once-buzzword that is taking on an increasing portion of the market when it comes to research and investments.   
  • Since data and its processing have a purpose only when applied to a solution or used to face a challenge, our Head of Aerospace Michael Aspetsberger will tackle these topics from the point of view of applications, which is our way of making a digital difference. 
  • Andrew Carrel, Vice President of Future Programs at AAC Clyde Space, will illustrate the challenges his company faced with current customers in the Space Data as a Service model. In addition, he is going to talk about the potential and proper applications of space data.

Our event is open for discussion and exchange! If you have questions about Space as a Service or everything around it, or if you have any particularly important topic you would like to discuss, don’t hesitate to share them with us in advance. Our Senior Business Consultant for Aerospace Industry Flip van Eijndhoven will be the moderator and he has booked the time for your specific questions at the event.

Get in touch with us! And see you on November 25th 


Event Manager


Meet the Speakers

Flip van Eijndhoven

Business Consultant Aerospace
Flip ist der Cloudflight-Gemeinschaft im Jahr 2020 beigetreten, um der Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie von Amsterdam aus beim Wachstum zu helfen. Er verfügt über mehr als ein Jahrzehnt Erfahrung in der Beratung von Unternehmen bei ihren Innovationen und technischen Lösungen.

Sebastian Hidalgo

Research Coordinator
With a natural inclination towards writing and a background in content creation, journalism, and translation, Sebastian joined Cloudflight in 2021. As part of the marketing team, he supports the IFOs by aligning the research content with the strategic vision of the company.

Michael Aspetsberger, Industry Focus Leader Aerospace at Cloudflight

Michael Aspetsberger

Industry Focus Leader Aerospace
Seit er vor 25 Jahren seine eigenen Spielzeugraketen und -flugzeuge gebaut hat, trägt Michael die Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik in seinem Herzen. Nachdem er das Luft- und Raumfahrtsegment bei Catalysts und Cloudflight aufgebaut hat, unterstützen Michael und sein Team seit fast einem Jahrzehnt öffentliche und private Luft- und Raumfahrtkunden.

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